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Yi Shen Qing Body beauty prime

Yi Shen Qing Body beauty prime
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Model: 200mg * 10 capsules * 4 board
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Yi Shen Qing Body beauty prime

Mulberry vine extract can activate lipolysis enzyme activity, so that the normal secretion of fat movement elements ( TVC elements), to enhance the ability of the body cells, fat absorption, rapid decomposition of the accumulation of fat in waist, abdomen and other parts.

Yi Shen Qing Body beauty prime

Spirulina contains ingredients can clean intestines , promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation , as well as lower blood cholesterol, fat content , and can lower the PH value in the intestine , inhibit the reproduction of spoilage bacteria in the intestine , the intestinal environment clean . Can play to improve the human immune system, improve the nutritional status , gets rid of a lot of stool, reduce the endogenous virus

Yi Shen Qing Body beauty prime -- More secure rapid weight toxins more beauty , stay in shape difficult to rebound

Yi Shen Qing ingredients: bitter gourd extract, Spirulina, OB protein Su, Sang vine extract, konjac, dietary fiber, aloe vera, pearl powder, Ganoderma lucidum, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, zinc.

Specification: 200mg * 10 capsules * 4 board

Dosage: twice a day, each time one grain, before the meals is better for weight loss

Crowd: simple obesity

Not suit for: children pregnant women and postpartum women, and serious disease.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage:  seal up, please kept in cool and dry place!

Warning: this product cannot be instead of medicines.

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