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Reduce Weight Fruta planta

Reduce Weight Fruta planta
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Model: 30 capsules/box
Manufacturer: Fruta Planta
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Reduce Weight Fruta planta Original boosts your metabolism, reduces your appetite, reshape your body. No known side effects found with Reduce Weight FRUTA PLANTA, except Fast & Safe weight loss! Fruta Planta is formulated to help users to reduce weight to gain confidence. Just take 1 FRUTA PLANTA diet pills daily with a glass of water and let the diet pill do all the hard work. Fruta Planta Original is an all Natural Chinese weight loss product to help you lose weight naturally, healthily, effectively, beautifully!

Fruta planta slimming capsule is the choice of plants Medicinal and Edible fruit lemon, pectin, bitter melon, papaya, Luoli fruit, spirulina and other raw materials refined scientific formula safe, efficient, clean and healthy weight loss fat products.

1: Rapid decomposition of the original body fat, accelerate the energy metabolism of stubborn fat

2: The fruit contains a lot of pectin, fruit brazing Victoria, vitamins and other minerals and trace elements to CLT, detoxification, beauty, one three, natural, quick, healthy weight loss.

3: easy weight loss, no diarrhea, no rebounding, no dietary restrictions, without any side effects.

[Product ingredients]: lemon fruit, pectin, bitter melon, papaya, Luoli fruit, spirulina.

[Features] role

1 local diet, mainly to eliminate the abdomen, buttocks, arm fat.

2 real way to solve the obesity problem, the complete elimination of rebound.

3 to eliminate body toxins, discharge of hazardous substances, beauty skin.

4 high power concentration, just one day.

The scope of application

1 Simple obesity, adolescence obesity, postpartum obesity, repeated failures to lose weight and easy rebound who need to keep slim.

2 constipation, acne, face a stain crowd.

[Specification]: 400 mg / capsules x 30 tablets.

[Food made law]: once a day, each one, before or at breakfast with warm water after

[Approval number]: Wei Jian fresh word (1999) No. 017

[Executive standard]: Q/ZX008--1998

[Health Permit No.]: Joan Health Food [2005] No. No. 0125

[Storage Method]: Store in cool dry place

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