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Pink Fruta Planta Reduce Weight

Pink Fruta Planta Reduce Weight
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Price: $4.95
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Model: 30 capsule/box
Manufacturer: Fruta Planta
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Pink Fruta Planta Reduce Weight 2011:

Fruta Planta pink box by Guangzhou Health ORGANIC a final solution to fight Obesity! Pink Fruta Planta suppresses your appetite, and reduce weight in belly effectively. You can lose more weight in the in first month with Reduce Weight Fruta Planta than other over the counter weight loss products.

The New version of Fruta Planta Diet Pills boosts your metabolism, reduces your appetite, reshape your body. No known side effects found with Reduce Weight Fruta Planta Diet Pills, except Fast & Safe weight loss! Fruta Planta in the pink box is formulated to help users to reduce weight to gain confidence. Just take 1 Pink Fruta Planta diet pill daily with a glass of water and let the diet pill do all the hard work. Fruta Planta Pills pink box capsule is an all Natural Chinese weight loss product to help you lose weight naturally, healthily, effectively, beautifully!

2011 New Fruta Planta Pill Pink packaging slimming product is an all natural organic solution to FAST weight loss. TARGET at THE ABDOMEN! Eliminates body fat in hips, arms, buttocks and face. Lose up to 15 pounds in first month without diet or EXERCISE. Fruit plant boosts your metabolism, curves cravings, and reduces your appetite. No known side effects found with using fruta planta pills.

How does REDUCE WEIGHT FRUTA PLANTA pink packaging work?

1: local weight loss, mainly to eliminate the abdomen, buttocks, arm fat.

2: The real way to solve the obesity problem, the complete elimination of rebound.

3: the elimination of body toxins, discharge of hazardous substances, beauty skin.

4: high power concentration, just one day.

Pink Fruta Planta Tips:

1, according to the instructions provided doses, can not be over-taking;

2, this product can be reduced to the standard weight, not long-term use;

3, it is recommended not to take the elderly;

4, while similar products can not be taken.

Pink Fruta Planta Ingredients: fruit lemon, pectin, bitter melon, papaya, Luoli fruit, spirulina, hawthorn, green tea, seaweed, ginkgo biloba, Cassia

Specification: 400 mg / tablets x 30

Usage:day one, every one, before or at breakfast with warm water after

Approval No: health food key word (2002) 0647 No.

Executive standard: Q / GMZHCH 06

Pink Fruta Planta The scope of application:

1 Simple obesity, adolescence obesity, postpartum obesity, repeated failures to lose weight and easy rebound who need to keep slim.

2 constipation, acne, face a stain crowd.

Precautions heart disease, hypertension, and major diseases, the body is extremely weak, pregnant women, lactating women, children disabled.

Storage Method: cool dry place

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