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leptin slim up fuel weight loss plaster

leptin slim up fuel weight loss plaster
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Price: $12.00
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Model: 5 * 4 bags / box
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leptin slim up fuel weight loss plaster´╝îThis product can effectively nurse health and slim your shape. At the same time, this product has health car effects of speeding up blood circulation, eliminating toxicant, nourshing skin, dredging the meridian passage, improving microrocirculation

leptin slim up fuel weight loss plaster to resolve the questions about water,accumulate on waist and stomach,reducing size of waist and tight bely creating perfect body. rapid decomposition of excess fatty acids circulating through the body break down body. At the same time controlling energy intake, eliminating orange peel organization focusing on from the waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs start at the same time prevent the thin fat rebound after
the regeneration and accumulation of fat and shaping exquisite curves of a woman.

leptin slim up fuel weight loss plaster basic information:
Main Ingredients: citrus aurantium, Atractylodes, lotus leaf, mint, aloe, malic acid, parsley, natural essential oils.

Suitable for the crowd: The constipation and simple obesity, there are rehabilitation of health protection.

Specifications: 5 * 4 bags / box

Shelf life: 24 months

Usage: affixed to an inch under the navel position, isolation membrane thrown off the plaster, posted on the premises daily cycles.

Storage: please kept in cool and dry place, seal up.

1. Pregnant disabled.
2. Shall not be affixed with the Office of skin ulceration.
3. Sticking after unwell should stop Dressing.

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