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@Eva, this is the 3rd and final part of my message to you, hope i was of good he
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authentic item!!! i like it, thank you.
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Beyond what I expected! i like it, thank you.

France Health Slimming Coffee

France Health Slimming Coffee
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Model: 20 bags / box
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 Not satisfied with your body?Want to slim?

Many people find themselves dissatisfied with their bodies,They think of your body too fat,Not attractive enough. Now, if you are one of these people,How would you change that?You want to get the ideal slim figure?

France Health Slimming Coffee scientific formula,In the full complement of the body's energy and burning redundant and adipose,Effectively enhance the body's metabolism. Promote blood circulation,Accelerate the burning of fat cells,Timely removal of toxic substances,Relieve nerve in the body,After tightening the skin to the redundant,Firming up,The dual role of repairing.

ingredients:Instant coffee, Ganoderma spore powder, rose powder, cassia seed, dietary fiber.

Taking method:Breakfast or lunch daily 15 minutes before taking,1 pack per day;A pack of

France Health Slimming coffee poured into 100ml of hot water,Stir after taking.

Effect reducing weight:After one weekof Most people can reduce 5 pounds,Appropriate diet

or increase physical activity,Better. Slimming coffee effect is very good,and No side effects dependence.

Size: 10 g * 20 bags / box

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