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Rolor fine show gingko green tea capsule

Rolor fine show gingko green tea capsule
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Model: 0.35g * 120 tablets
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fine show gingko green tea capsule preparation plant weight (green slimming), a dozen rare plant extracts rich, high-tech to take advanced extraction technology, extracted from plants active ingredients, effectively blocking dietary fat absorption so that the natural fat consumption. Only in the gastrointestinal tract, does not suppress appetite, do not act on the brain. Diminished water by oil,

fine show gingko green tea capsule
Is the only visible weight loss, but to significantly reverse the development process of many chronic diseases (hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar). Plant weight loss drug is safe for humans, because only in the gastrointestinal tract, do not act on the brain, into the blood almost no clinical studies have shown that long-term use fine show gingko green tea capsule, for the fat-soluble vitamin levels were not affected.

Six characteristics of fine show
1, without the need for the role of diet in the gastrointestinal tract, this product does not suppress appetite, and many people using this service, the fat on the heat of bad eating habits did not make any restrictions, still achieved satisfactory results. If using this service, while dietary restriction and exercise, the better.
2, taken orally twice a day only show only orally twice daily is the minimum daily dose of variety. In today's ever-accelerating pace of life, easy to take people to choose health care products has become an important factor. The distinctive feature of this product to lose weight to become a very easy thing.
3, the use of relaxation after the adoption does not produce skin show does not achieve the purpose by diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, managed to maintain skin elasticity, it will not lead to sagging skin.
4, both the reduction of subcutaneous fat, and less visceral fat around
5, both by weight and maintain weight loss
6, the first plant using natural weight loss tablets absorbed by the body faster and is the most slimming capsules on the market performance of 23 times, to be effective faster and more obvious; natural greens formula, fat loss process more secure .

Because the safety of fine show only in the gastrointestinal tract, do not act on the brain, almost into the blood, the most common adverse reactions are gastrointestinal reactions, mostly for oily spotting and oily stool, which is fine show in the gastrointestinal Road inhibit fat absorption, to play its role in the performance of drugs, these side effects are mostly mild, and usually occurs early in treatment, can relieve itself. role in the fine show is not brain weight loss drugs safe and effective, can be used for obese and three high risk factors associated with long-term treatment of obesity.

fine show gingko green tea capsule in the medical profession is well known that waist circumference is a measure of body fat and cardiovascular disease risk factors, a key indicator may show as taken directly block the absorption of dietary fat intake and fat once the heat is less than consumption, reduce body fat naturally. Other than weight loss, can be taken two months show significantly reduced waist circumference, an average of 7.18 cm (2 inches 4), thus significantly reducing the cardiovascular disease risk factors. In addition to significantly improve risk factors other than weight, collected show for blood pressure, blood glucose and lipids, and other major risk factors for cardiovascular disease indicators have improved significantly.

fine show gingko green tea capsule, light your health expert

Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba, green tea, medlar, Kudzu, cassia seed, hemp seed, fresh reed rhizome and so on.
Dosage: 2 times a day, every two. 3-5 days without discomfort, may be increased to three times a day, every two. Another 3-5 days without discomfort, a daily morning, afternoon and the two night three day up to more than eight. When close to the ideal state should gradually reduce the dosage into the maintenance period of 2-3 days taking 1, 1-2 tablets each time, bedtime.

Size: 0.35g * 120 tablets

QS5101 1402 0066 Health permit: River health food card characters (2008) Production License No. 510105-00037 No.: QS5101 1402 0066
Executive Standard: Q/75879918-6.3
Shelf life: 24 months Storage: Sealed, in cool dry place

fine show gingko green tea capsule

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