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Drink Water? Lose Weight?

Water, the source of life, supplys enough water for us, takes away toxins in our body, improves metabolism, and effectively helps lose weight. However, the more water you drink, the better? Now let's help you uncover the mistakes of drinking water, and teach you the right way for drink water and fat loss.

1. Be Careful! Too much water, Too much fat!
Ladies who believe that drinking water solves any problems should pay attentions here now. Maybe "drinking cold water gets fat" will happen to you. You know, too much water does harm to your health. It's called "water poison". When you meet this kind of problem, the blood circulation becomes slow, so does the metabolism. The wastes and toxins could not be expelled outside timely, thus accumulated in the body. Then the positive effects of water, the originally element for fat loss, will be reduced by all these discomforts.

2. Are you in "Water Poison"?

Look at the following options. The more options you choose, you are more likely in "Water Poison".
If you are so unfortunately with all these situations, change the drinking habits right now and do something to discharge water and toxins.
- pouch
- enough water on front surface of the tongue
- double chin
- with a cold stomach
- have echo when your fingers knock belly
- have an abdomen
- obesity, thick legs

3. Drink Enough Water, Reduce Excessive Fat!
80% water in the human body continually transmit different kinds of essential substance to corresponding organs, and then bring the wastes from metabolism out of the body. So if we can make good use of water, it is really hard to put on weight! It's well known that drinking water is helpful for weight loss. But we need know more: how much we need drink to reduce fat, which kind of water, when to drink to metabolize wastes and toxins more effectively. Only in this way can your weight loss plan come true!

4. The More Water You Drink, The Better?

Adults consume at least 2500 ml water everyday. Not all the water is drunk by you. Actually there is large amount of water in foods, such as 90% water in vegetables, 80% water in fruits, and 70% water in fishes and meats. In addition, we just need drink 1500 ml.

5. Drink away extra calories during the following 3 Good Time:
Morning time when you get up:
Everyday you get up, a big cup of water before rich breakfast, makes the intestinal tract be active after a night of rest, helps defecate. It can help you gain a slim waistline.

Before lunch:
Drinking a cup of water before lunch, not only lets your stomach full to eat less, but also provide enough water for the body to speed up metabolism.

In supper:
Better have supper together with water, not drinks high in calories or sugar like beers, fruit juice.