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tengda super fat bombs

tengda super fat bombs
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Model: Packing 6 / 6 plate / 350mg / tablets
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This product has been used in Europe and America as the "super fat bombs" Koncing nut extract as the main raw material , with capsaicin , momordicin , lemon extract , guar gum powder , konjac powder, extracts and other ingredients , by modern technology condensed . containing the human consumption of body fat to help :

※ by Europe as the "super fat bombs" nuts (Koncing) extract, the body can quickly break down the fat accumulation , energy metabolism speed up the stubborn fat .

Capsaicin (Capasaicin) is a highly efficient fat burning hormone , the body's fat quickly in energy metabolism and detoxification beauty effect.

※ with " Fat Killer " said bitter melon extract energy Qing Lignans , (RPA) active ingredient , can quickly remove the stay in the blood vessels more than fat.

※ lemon extract, can block the glucose into fat and reduce the energy absorption .

※ together with a " sponge plant ," said the konjac flour , sweet potato cellulose , guar gum powder ingredients such as extracts of green , its unique network structure of the digestive system quickly absorbs excess oil and sugar , make fat sugar discharged directly without digestion outside the body . and also has a strong absorption and swelling capacity. to people after taking a " satiety " to prevent excessive energy absorption .

This product is 100% pure natural plant extracts herbal extracts , is a new generation of safe non-toxic, effect of rapid weight loss products green fashion

The main components : Koncing nuts , capsaicin , momordicin , lemon extract , guar gum powder , konjac and so on.

[ Crowd ] :
1 . Simple obesity , adolescent obesity, postpartum obesity, repeated weight loss failure and easy rebound , those who need to keep slim .
 2 constipation , acne , face a stain crowd.

Packing 6 / 6 plate / 350mg / tablets

use way of taking once a day , every time a

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