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New Slim Pomegranate Reduce Weight

New Slim Pomegranate Reduce Weight
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Model: 350mg*30pills
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New Slim Pomegranate Reduce Weight

100% original slim pomegrate

No rebound

Effective slim pomegranate

No side effect

New Slim Pomegranate Reduce Weight

New Slim Pomegranate Reduce Weight-100% Natural Slimming Pills

New Slim Pomegranate Reduce Weight-100% Natural Slimming Pills Direction, no rebound
Unique formular can help you lose weight directional, shape your body from leg, belly, buttocks, arm and face where easy to have more fat.

If none of the diet or exercise programs worked for you, look no further. 2009 Slim Pomegranate Diet Pills 30 Capsules is exactly what you need to quickly lose weight and keep it off. It is a dietary Weight Loss capsule that is clinically proven to help lose weight fast. Our weight loss pill is the powerful appetite suppressant that can also burn excess body fat. This rapidly slimming capsule is designed for men and women that have been struggling with at least extra 15 pounds. Whether you gained weight because of stress or pregnancy, or just different life style, the Best Diet Pills will take care of those stubborn and unwanted pounds in no time. One capsule a day is a quick and effective way to finally lose weight. The best part of the weight loss diet is that the capsule does not cause weight rebound. Slim pomegranate is made from various herbal extracts that help dissolve and get rid of excess body fat. It will help you loose weight fast, safe and without any known side effects.

[Main Ingredients]: Pomegranate extract, Sweet potato fiber, Fruta Gamboge, Kiwi, Apple, Konjac Extract.
[Benefits]: Increase metabolism, gives more energy, and does not cause weight rebound. Non-toxic. Does not cause diarrhea.
[Direction for Use]: 1 capsule a day before or after breakfast. It is recommended to start with 1 capsule every other day for the first week.
[Specification]: 350mg*30pills(30 capsules, 1 month supply)
[Shelf Period]: 24 months
[Storage]: Store in cool(room temperature), dry and dark condition. Keep away from children.
Unsuitable group and Precaution;
People with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease;
People with psychosis or addict of drugs, medicine or alcohol;
People with hyperthyroidism, insufficiency of liver or kidney;
People with prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma;
Women in pregnancy or lactation;
People under the age of 18 or above 60;
Can not be taken with other drugs.

Mechanism of Action: Control the hunger to suppress appetite reduce calorie intake.
Multi-lipolytic factors reduce fat synthesis, accelerate fat burning, block absorption of fat and control weight effectively
Multi-nutrition improves the metabolism, free of diarrhea, constipation and rebounding

[Suitable population]: Simply obesity, post partum fat, including people can not gel slim neither by diet nor exercise.

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