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lancomes leptin

lancomes leptin
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Model: 450mg / tablets
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The best weight-loss method: taking natural enzymes , clear resin thin , relax detoxification and beauty.
The best weight-loss results: no side effects , withdrawal does not rebound, with easy graceful figure .
Safest weight-loss technology : no causes diarrhea , no anorexia, no dehydration, weight loss is also firming , no effect on daily life .
The most important difference in weight loss : weight loss is not directed thin chest , get rid of fat while maintaining full chest , chest abundant buttocks Alice really sexy !
Surprise one: to lose weight but also water , the skin more supple . France CLT enzymes break down fat to produce water , from the inside out , add moisture to lose weight but also water , so the skin so smooth and soft.
Surprise two : less fat , leaving orange peel pattern . France CLT enzyme needed by the body 's minerals and rich in nutrients , weight loss , while also tightening the skin, so skin vibrant and flexible .
Surprise three: orientation to lose weight, do not lean chest and buttocks . France CLT with the enzymes, especially enzymes , the body fat and vintage stool for work , while maintaining the chest and hips at the same time , minus the excess inert fat, the body curve perfect present.

1 France, raw materials, patented weight loss

lancomes leptin Lancome 100% of the French technology company providing raw materials and formulations , the State Food and Drug Administration strict examination and approval , the first time in Western Europe and developed countries, exports to China has the world's patent of this weight loss product , quality absolute guarantee

2 of the lipid- water , skin rejuvenation beauty

lancomes leptin transfer catalysis fat , natural fat bombs , fat to help resolve the water and energy , from the inside out to add moisture to prevent orange peel pattern , skin firming soft and flexible , shiny

3 No movement , lazy choice

10 cents Crane Kou CLT enzyme can catalyze the 500 grams of fat , equivalent to doing 6500 sit-ups , run 50 km, jump eight hours dances.

4 Targeted weight loss , refused to rebound

lancomes leptin Only the face, waist , arm, thigh burning fat for directional decomposition , lose fat while maintaining full chest upright , while promoting the body's own enzymes Lan Kou CLT secretion , not diet , no exercise , no diarrhea, not rebound .

The main components malic acid crystals , vegetable oil , fish meal treasure shell
Effect of composition and content of [ ] per 100 grams : malic acid 0.32 g , 0.28 g of rare shell fish
[ Health Function ] weight loss , beauty (to improve skin moisture )
[ Crowd ] simple obesity , dry skin
Use and use of oral , once daily , each time two , taking half an hour before a meal
[Specification] 450mg / tablets
[ Shelf Life ] 24 months
[ Origin ] - French

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