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DAS gesunde plus appetit-control

DAS gesunde plus appetit-control
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Model: 60 capsule/box
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This product is made from pure natural plant extracts , the main active ingredient of konjac root , does not contain any artificial additives , through the European 93/42/EWG medical testing , quality, safe, reliable, purely physical weight loss without any side effects.

Each capsule contains 500 mg of high-quality plant fibers , according to the German Institute for Medical Research testing , body Each capsule reaches the stomach , it can expand 50 times , it can effectively reduce hunger , resulting in a feeling of fullness , and maintain the feeling of fullness a long time to control dietary intake , the goal to achieve weight loss faster .

Apple cider vinegar description:

Apple cider vinegar to lose weight is by making the natural flow of fat , the fat through decomposition , combustion and excreted via the blood circulation in order to achieve rapid weight loss goals, so we have eliminated the fat , thus avoiding the rebound phenomenon.

The use of fresh brewed apple cider vinegar weight loss apple , in the West have been popular for decades , as long as every day people who drink apple cider vinegar will have a good weight loss , which is well known fact, but every day drink plenty of vinegar for most people , it is difficult to do : Firstly, it is very hard to drink vinegar ; second : a simple Cu, resulting in upset stomach caused by excessive acid . The concentration of the apple cider vinegar , made capsule , and cellulose in acid and , thus will not cause stomach discomfort ; the same time as concentrated capsules , the active ingredient was greatly enhanced, more simple way of taking , weight loss is also higher than pure Cu is several times faster , does not need to take special diet during the period.

Specifications : 60 capsule
Origin : Germany
Usage: 1-2 tablets daily , before meals with warm water
Validity: 18 months
Body sculpting , fitness, beauty , rule out intestinal fat and waste , lower cholesterol , easily lose excess fat.

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