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da li lida daidaihua pills

The dietary supplement lida daidaihua slimming capsule contains the coconut plant, and is rich in green plants growing in the province of yunan in China. For hundreds of years, it was a used and recognized means for the reduction of fatty deposits.

Use / dosage

1 Box contains 30 capsules and is sufficient for 1 month. Start with 1 capsule a day. These take possible 30-45 minutes before breakfast with abundant liquid (water) lida daidaihua diet pills few days throws in some people in the first (subsides then again) a slight feeling of heat, and can increase your heart rate or blood pressure. Therefore, you take only 1 capsule a day. If they take the capsule at noon or in the evening, it can happen that you fall asleep by the increased energies not at the usual time. Just then in the evening, take a capsule if you must work at night (night shift). "In some cases (mostly in women who do not smoke and drink no alcohol), it may happen that already a capsule is a very exciting" effect. Then they take a half capsule dissolved in juice or water. The capsules can slide easily apart and dissolve the herbal powder contained in a liquid. Has your body on the initial dosage accustomed, you increase the dose again to 1 capsule before or after breakfast daily.

What can I eat?

You should feed on, as far as possible, healthy and balanced. Please put emphasis on a sufficient protein intake. Your body needs protein to burn fat. This protein, should it not be allocated, retrieves the body of the muscles. Often, it happens that users forget the food. You need to eat something not necessarily after each capsules. Sure but please that you are over the day balanced (flan) and feed with egg whites (as in fish, yoghurt, Quark, etc.). Why should you drink much the body is around 2 / 3 of water. Your body needs time and again fresh water to clean themselves. In losing weight, your body much water or fluid needs. The body burns fat, leaves residues (Ketones). These residues are not rinse, the body adjusts the burning of fat. You can compare this with a tiled stove. When the fire burns the smoke is created. Now close the chimney, the smoke can not escape and the fire goes out. You'll find that you get a heightened sense of thirst with lida daidaihua. This facilitates drinking for many.