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best shown morus elements

best shown morus elements
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best shown morus elements

Mulberry - the essence of green resources , according to historical records and scientific studies show that mulberry branches, leaves , stems , roots, MA , and Morus alba are rich in vitamins , dietary fiber , amino acids, plant sterols and other nutrients and pharmacological functions.

Modern technology : in the United States had a well-known biologist Brian , Ph.D., the study found that mulberry pharmacological function , mulberry extract, through the use of modern bio-engineering techniques can be applied to the important parts of the human small intestine to absorb fat , thereby improving the intestinal cells mesh to prevent the sugar, fat and high calorie absorption of macromolecules without any toxic side effects, after repeated trials , a week after taking 40% -80 % can inhibit fat manufacture , rapid decomposition of the waist , abdomen, buttocks fat accumulation to quickly achieve the slimming body sculpting . The perfect weight loss results .

The crowd: simple obesity and body are perfect on their own as required by
Natural green healthy weight loss products , good taste, beauty is all kinds of people in weight-loss share. In the supplement to lose weight at the same time the human body needs a lot of nutrients .

[ Times ] Xiangshou Sang Su effect described : anti-fatigue , enhance immunity , inhibit fat synthesis and reduce body energy absorption , reducing the formation of fatty acids and the formation and accumulation of fat , accelerate calorie burning to achieve slimming effect.

Storage Method: Store in a cool dry place , sealed
Size : 15 packets / box

The crowd: simple obesity and the requirements of their own body and constipation are the perfect people to use .
(1 ) should be avoided with other drugs or chemical classes through secret diet pills while eating ;
(2 ) should be more than adequate intake of water per day ;
(3 ) control diet , adhere to proper exercise;
(4 ) Pregnant women , children, gastrointestinal ulcers Wu Shi ;
 Storage: room temperature, placed in a cool ventilated place

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