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hokkaido Slimming Pills teach you Easy thin thighs

Loose thigh fat seriously affect the beauty of legs, tight pants are not detached, then thighs coarse-how to lose weight? hokkaido Slimming Pills teach you a leg below-most effective way to lose weight--skating of thin legs, no sweat, you can easily build slender, compact leg.




1, standing, hands and elbow flexion forks in the waist, back straight, lift the left heel slightly up off the ground, the toe touch, while the left leg knee slightly bent forward, move to the center of gravity of the body on the right foot.

2 relax shoulders, heads up high and abdominal muscles to tighten, to focus attention on the abdomen.

3, the right knee bent forward, and do not exceed the knee toe, while taking advantage of the left toe slide behind the left leg as much as possible to move, remained away from the left heel, toes towards the outside, note the sliding process, toe cannot leave, upper body posture remains straight.

4, and then use the left inner thigh muscle strength of the left leg back, return to the starting position, for-do the same with the right leg. Alternating left and right legs repeat 20 times, after a break, and then do it 20 times.