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Pure Fat Three day reduce weight capsule

Pure Fat Three day reduce weight capsule
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Model: 300 mg*10 tablets*2 Box
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Pure Fat Three day Reduce weight capsule Reduce weight capsule.  Three days,pure fat three days

Rapid decomposition of the body fat accumulation, energy metabolism,
accelerate the stubborn fat, inhibit fat absorption after a meal.
Prevent the glucose into fat, reduce body energy absorption.
guide the original fat burning, prevent new fat formation.
Rapid decomposition of meat protein dish, to prevent fat absorption.
After one month,your waistline can reduce 3-8 cm,as well as legs thinning with 2-6 cm and the weight losing over 10kg
Do you want to be slimming in short time? why dont you to try it?You must be love it. It can lose 25Ibs per month,no need of dieting and do any sprots. Pure Fat Three Days Loss Weight Capsule.

This product features:

No diarrhea, no anorexia, no rebound, no dependence;
Especially suitable for the waist, abdomen, buttocks, thigh fat accumulation persons;Men’s General belly, beer belly persons;
Constipation, cholestasis by toxins from the body;
Weight loss rebound and repeated failures to lose weight.
CLT day special selection of 100% natural plant formula, the use of American modern extraction from biological activity at low temperatures. This product is rich in essential addition to analysis of amino acids, vitamins and micronutrients, the unique Burn factor, the rapid dissociation of 12-hour accumulation of abdominal fat, melt water from the body, contraction of the subcutaneous fat 28 hours, enhanced toughness and elasticity of the skin. This product is proven by the function test, safe, efficient, no side effects.
(1) Wild Edible Plants Wild lotus extract, without any side effects.
(2) lose weight quick, take per 2 pills can inhibit 100-140g fat absorption, lipolysis while
the same discharge guide body, the general on the 3 days and the apparent weight loss.
(3) targeted. Direct role in the accumulation of fat, and thus the waist, abdomen, buttocks,
thighs and other fat thickness at the prominent effect plot;
(4) This product is conducive to detoxification, heat, beauty, firming, skin after weight loss
 does not wrinkle, do not relax, do not affect the thoracic curve;
(5) rapid weight-loss products, such as decreasing too quickly, please take reduction,
reduced to the ideal should be to consolidate after 20-30 days;
(6) once a day to control fat, eat more do not fat, sleep can also be thin. After using this
 pills should eat more fruit (such as bananas, etc.).

[Main ingredients] Green tea,immature bitter orange, rhubarb,micro-crystal cellulose
[Applications] The crowd of simple obesity,postpartum obesity,puberty obesity,waist,abdomen,buttocks,legs,arm and other local obese people
( This product is for simple obesity, it is more suitable for refractory obesity
and lose weight repeatedly with no response)

[Inapplicability] Pregnant woman,breast-feed woman and youth children
[Directions and dosage] 1 tablet for one time,once per day,Early morning
warm water delivery service

[Specification] 300 mg*10 tablets*2 Box
[Shelf life] 24 months

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