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japan hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pills for weight reduction

japan hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pills for weight reduction
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japan hokkaido Slimming Pill for weight reduction

Japan ACNIELSEN authority according to the report this item to "most people buy slimming pills brand"! This product in Japan sold for seven years, using more than 1 million people, a success rate of 97.8%, achieve average weekly weight loss of 3-8 pounds of brilliant results, many weight loss failure to regain their confidence, fear in the past to side-effects and discourage people, also have input in mind, enjoy the formula of natural plants and flowers and technology products consumers ' trust is fundamental to the product.

Pure japan hokkaido Slimming Pill for weight reduction without any side effects. Odd years ago, value of Chinese medicine in China has been Japan official recognition, Japan more compound as the basis of Chinese studies, specializes in Oriental body mass for the fitness formula, combined with features of traditional Chinese medicine and empirical, meet women on the pursuit of the ideal body, on the composition and amount of use of standard, stable and maintain the fitness effect of thin thin.

japan hokkaido Slimming Pill for weight reduction The main ingredient: essence of Apple vinegar, dietary fiber, Proanthocyanidins, vitamin e, konjac powder, green tea, Lotus leaf, spirulina, herbal essence "Functional ingredients" Proanthocyanidins 28 grams per 100 grams, vitamin 907mg "Health" regulation of blood lipid and lipid peroxidation 

crowd:1, tried multiple methods of losing weight loser .2, the need to strengthen the effect of weight loss .3, weight gain more than 20 pounds overweight

Pill for weight reduction Specifications: 400mg*40 tablets

usage: twice a day, sooner or later one, warm water for 30 minutes before meals by swallowing

Shelf life:24 months

Storage:seal place in cool and dry place to save

Note :this product cannot replace of drugs

1, this product is not for treatment of drug effect, progress and reactions vary from person, depending on personal fitness and absorptive capacity of the stomach .2, weight 180 kg above may be appropriate to increase the dosage .3, winter half dose, effects of weight can be achieved 4, children, menstruating, pregnant women and breastfeeding women avoid suits "Adverse reactions".5, two users happen to lose weight too quickly, can be changed to once every 1-day one or two days. 6, very few people have mild symptoms of thirst, drinking in moderation and eat green fruit thinning can be lifted.

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