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Picture claims to be able to lose weight

Yellow for stomach, black on the kidney, with two colors, can diminish the appetite ... ... Recently, the diet pills frequently after the accident, the network began to spread a group of colorful pictures that can look at the loss of appetite, to weight loss. Psychological experts say, the plug is not fully based on the theory of weight loss, weight loss have to rely on lifestyle.

This group of pictures in all networks, Baidu blog, End of the World Forum website spread, like a colorful jellyfish which is said to be loss of appetite, calm nerves, promote gastrointestinal motility; another is the large black, yellow abstract art, is said to diminish the appetite. Some netizens said, ready to set a picture as desktop background, force yourself to look at every day.

Look at the picture will be able to lose weight? Reporter will print the pictures to see a dozen friends, most known as the "no sense", only three of the "jellyfish" image that disgust, "soft, very sick." Work in the office of Ms. Chen said, "Jellyfish" bright colorful picture, but she felt happy, look after the appetite and usually the same.

Psychologists Liu Lianzhong said, according to the theory of psychological projection, the viewer some pictures can be made to the specific situation, so that the other party to express a special perception of the potential, if a person had jellyfish, mollusks, etc. has had a bad history of exposure, "Jellyfish "map may be brought back unpleasant sense of his heart, thereby reducing the appetite, but the probability is very small.

Color psychology expert, said Hui Yi, from color theory point of view, different colors can indeed have an impact on mood, the picture of red, orange can make people excited, increased appetite, white people will ignore the calories, feel more relaxed. But on the screen at the same time there are purple, blue and black, reminiscent of rotten, dirty, reducing appetite. The color combination of factors, whether to reduce appetite varies.

It is understood that, in recent years, the network has a lot of popular weight loss suggests the use of psychological methods, such as meditation mirror every day, "I lost", such as grasping thrown empty belly fat. Moreover, when asked to lose weight in the operation can not say "lose weight" and say "thin" because that "fat" word fat will continue to exist. In this regard, psychologists say, can not directly change the idea of simply relying on the real presence of fat, lose weight or to rely on exercise, diet and other healthy lifestyle, but can be used as an aid to psychological suggestion to strengthen the belief that sustained weight loss.