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P57 Hoodia slimming exercises to thigh

Strong, big or well formed and coordinating body of the legs, big and well proportioned, not just people, made us feel. Crude fat brings the hips, and a large number of young men and women are a great, especially the young women wear skirts and young men wearing shorts in the summer, it is very boring. Why is particularly important for people with physical fitness.

P57 Hoodia recommended some of the leg exercises to lose weight:

(1) file: thigh fat reducing bicycle. Action points: lie on the floor, in the right legs to imitate is the weapon of a bicycle pedal.

Breathing method: the natural action of the respiratory tract, actions adapting to breathing. ?

Directions: two legs, thighs, they relax faster rhythms, not more, grow legs flexion to 40 times per minute, and began growing steadily, bent in the future.

(2) a cross-

Role: thigh fat reduction.

Action points: supine Stan, under the legs to relax, right arms bent knees, legs crossed, is on his right leg and left leg, and his right leg and left foot.

Breathing method: the natural action of the respiratory tract, actions adapting to breathing.

Direction: amplitude of swing speed, leg crossing, about 150 times each.

(3) give the ball to the back

Role: thigh fat reduction.

Action, supine on the mat, side arms, palms, Interior, straight leg, and then reduce the muscles of hip frames, knee lift up his chest, rotate the ball of the foot. Slowly starting to break back in. Approximately 20 reviews.

Method of breathing: breathing, knees bent, you breathe in the end in the recovery process.

Direction: his knee, his chest curve slow recovery as soon as possible.