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Meizitang pills notice -- Half an hour later eat is the key to w

Most effective way to lose weight of aerobic exercise. If not, at least make us meal daily blood glucose. Intend to not become fatter, and now, the first thing to do is move up one coup after lunch. In the small intestine from the start about 30 minutes before a meal to eat, and to increase the absorption of about 30 minutes after beginning of intestinal absorption of glucose concentration in the blood. After half an hour to eat to lose weight is the key, Meizitang pills adopted the following recommendations.

Of proceedings before the Court or terrace

If you have a garden and consolidate, dinner is a good option, if there is no group, or completely, terrace garden, court line full of fat reduction.

Clean room

Her family double effect of physical purification levels can also, as usual in the afternoon.

This long bath

Dinner is more than 30 minutes, you can shower with clean bathrooms, better results.

Select few restaurants

If you must be outside for lunch, the company next to the hotel in 15 minutes after eating or drinking a cup of tea, find a good restaurant, return to the Office.