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MAXMAN coffee MAXMAN coffee
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it's amazing!!!! thank you.
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Eat for two days, and really do not feel particularly hungry, sometimes thirsty,
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@Eva, this is the 3rd and final part of my message to you, hope i was of good he

MAXMAN coffee

MAXMAN coffee
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Model: 12 g x 8 pack
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Yang traditional Chinese medicine formula MAXMAN coffee

The best coffee in the world of men, with the first, the use of ultra-low temperature freeze dried instant coffee, fully preserve the natural nutritioanl all the ingredients taste creamy, round wire a sense of time, long aftertaste of taste buds. Bute cold coffee production equipment, production costs are high, high levels of complex technical requirements, so freeze dried instant coffee production, prices are high.

[Component]100% coffee, kidney and reinforcing grass, xylitol, oil dust.

[Health] activates the sponge, nutritional supplements, elimination of fatigue, more powerful secondary erectile dysfunction impotence, premature, but not strong people of all kinds and on benign prostatic hyperplasia, with good results.

[Usage and use level] this product package to about 120 ml of boiling water stirring room 30 minutes ago

[Date] package, as shown in the figure

[Shelf life of 24 months

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