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L-carnitine slimming formula

L-carnitine slimming formula
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Model: 300 mgx60 grains
Manufacturer: L-carnitine
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The product is extracted using modern biotechnology active substance refined from. excluding any non-natural ingredients,non-polluting,non-toxic,slimming effect is notable it is a safe and reliable natural green slimming food , it has the functions such an stomach are digestive function, rapidly consume and decompose the redundant fat and remover toxins from the body, it has achieved the internationally prevailing slimming health standards. also, often use this product can increase the body immune function and achieve hte effect of retaining th appearance.
L-carnitine, also known as vitamin BT, is a type of vitamin. The main food source of carnitine is red meat. L-carnitine's main role is to promote fat changing into energy. Taking L-carnitine can reduce body fat and lower body weight, at the same time does not reduce the water and muscle. So it is a multi-functional, safe and no side-effects weight-loss nutritional supplements.
Health functions: regulating blood lipids, improve gastrointestinal function (Defecation), detoxification, retain the appearance.
The main materials: L-carnitine tartrate, Hawthorn, green tea, cassia seed, lotus leaf, medlar, grape seed extract and roots of kudzu vine, etc.
Effects composition and content: per 100g Carnitine 45g, and 3.4g of tea polyphenols 3.4g, 15mg of anthraquinone.
Fitting crowd: The crowd of simple obesity and has obesity trend.
Unsuited crowd: Severe high disease sufferer, children, pregnant, and lactating women.
Take medicine method: 2 times daily, one grain each time, before breakfast and supper.
Product specifications: 300mg*60 grains
The storage method: dry and cool place
Note: This can not be a medicament substitute, please drink more water when take medicine it to promote metabolites were discharged.

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L-carnitine slimming formula
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