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L-carnitine during use problems

L-carnitine during use problems

1 during use, how to achieve better weight loss results?

A: Because obesity is not formed in a short time, so weight loss is a long process, must be gradual and not be too hasty. Weight loss alone is not a drug, or a health care products to achieve the desired effect, weight loss is an integrated process, is the use of weight loss products, while taking in order to better achieve weight loss, dietary adjustments must be reasonable, if not food meals snacks, light-based diet to low-salt, low sugar, Eat less fried foods, and foods containing more fat and eat more vegetables, fruit, drink plenty of water, and only through an integrated approach, will achieve The ultimate weight loss goal.

2 When people in losing weight, what food can not eat? (Such as: tea, coffee, spirits), they can suggest what to eat dessert?

A: Each of our products in the food people can eat other types of food they like. It also encourages them to have a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, regular exercise. Reduce alcohol consumption, avoid tobacco. Suggested snacks include: fruit, vegetables, biscuits and so on. But best not to drink tea, because tea solution efficacy.

3 before meals and after meals What is the difference? We recommend that you take 15 to 30 minutes before meals. Satiety can contain ingredients that can help you maintain the rules of diet, so you can eat dinner at a little less of a sense of satiety and improve bowel function in the most effective. In order to achieve its maximum effect, we recommend that you take before meals. However, because individual differences, the individual who will have to take medication before meals reaction, so the case may be medication according to their own time.

4 Why use our products need to drink enough water?

A: In all the nutrients in the water is essential. In fact, as important as eating and drinking. It runs all the features of our body are very important when we take, we need a lot of water to replenish the water consumed by burning fat, if we do not drink enough water, then the body may become swollen or constipation .

5 Q: A few people use our product after that osmium can not persist. How to do?

A: This is only a very few people have individual reactions, some people eat every day because of stomach rose up, and suddenly did not feel this sense of ease, four, five days later he will adapt. Sometimes, when the body is water, the brain will give hunger signals. If this is the case, you drink some water. If not, you can suggest that they eat between meals and healthy snacks. Such as: an apple.

6 with diet or physical exercise to cope with it?

A: completely unnecessary, you eat whatever you want, usually the state on what kind of life maintained, the purpose is want you to easy, happy to lose weight, then happy, beautiful life, everything comes naturally, everything will be achieved unconsciously! But always a healthy active lifestyle. Moderate daily exercise, like brisk walking, gardening or doing aerobic exercise to burn slightly excess calories and improve skin and muscle.

7 dry mouth :

A: Many of this medicine will eat MM feel very dry mouth, drink lots of water does not quench their thirst, which is normal, drugs to speed up the metabolism! After we finish the steps as if to speed up metabolism, is a reason to feel thirsty, drink plenty of water as long as the decomposition of fat through urine. Just started eating a little will feel strong, fit after a week will be much better.

8 heartbeat:

A: Very few people have this reaction, please do not be afraid. The reason is to speed up metabolism caused. Just as we would walk away fast heartbeat accelerated, normal physical reaction to the body itself is not affected. Usually after a week there will be relief. Therefore, poor physical structure of MM must adhere to in order to have good results.

9 dizziness:

A: This phenomenon is generally not used to people eating breakfast, to appear, so to remind the MM in the diet pills, be sure to develop have a good habit of regular meals, which itself is also good for their bodies, had drugs on the increased metabolism of your body, do not eat breakfast in! It is easy to hypoglycemia, dizziness, fatigue performance!