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GH to lose weight

GH to lose weight
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Model: 20g / packet * 5 package
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GH to lose weight Seven characteristics:

(1) without any side effects , children can take .

(2)Healthy weight loss without dieting , fasting .

(3)Less body fat , lowering blood pressure of double effect .

(4)And increase vitality , no rebound.

(5)Liver Health and the treatment of fatty liver .

(6)to nourish the myocardium , protect the heart.

(7)Detoxifies acne speckle .

Crowd: simple obesity

Suitable for people: patients with hypertension and children in care physicians under the guidance of food .

How to use: once a day , every time a package , add 150cc warm water Stir before breakfast , drink better , with normal body weight once a week .


A consumption period , should drink plenty of water (non- sugary drinks ) , daily water intake to at least 2000 - 2500ml ( due to body decomposition 1g fat , you need to consume 10ml water) .

Gastrointestinal disorders appropriate for postprandial consumption, in order to avoid hyperacidity .

suggested that a consumption cycle for 20 days , severe obesity should increase the amount and extend the consumption cycle , do not the middle of indigestion , so as not to fall short .

Consumption during the period , not taking birth control pills and other hormone drugs and sedatives , so as not to reduce the weight loss .

to maintain good eating habits , balanced diet Eat less high fat and carbohydrate . Such as? Pyrene Building engraved enthalpy of solid Bi Master   sweet wine the Ч   election ?

Individual men in the consumption of sexual dysfunction phenomenon , after the closure of its own recovery .

GH to lose weight This product contains Spirulina and a variety of Chinese herbal medicine ingredients , with a special spirulina and taste of Chinese medicine . Individual are not suited for their tastes , eat fruit , biscuits and other food to alleviate the discomfort after eating .

  bottle openings within 20 days of finished eating, to avoid moisture absorption , and a cool dry place . ( After opening , best placed in the refrigerator below 4 ℃ )

   Hypertensive patients and children should care physicians under the guidance of consumption.

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