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Cell-Life Slimming Coffee

Cell-Life Slimming Coffee
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Model: 10g x 10 sachets
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Cell-Life Slimming Coffee

If you want to reduce weight through drinking coffee, it's not that simple for depending on the kind of coffee, it also must have the 3 special ingredients as its components.

1. L-Carnitine, the main pysilogical funcion of alkali is to promote the fats into energy. Fat Metabolism is a necessary process for the enzyme to enter into the fatty acids of the Mitochondria. This is most efficient and safe without having the side effects of a slimming diet supplement.

2. Gamboge fruit quintessence weight-reducing characteristic : It contains the natural composition of HCA, which can prevent the sugar to turn into fat, also promotes the internal fat to effectively burn and regulate the appetite.

3. Citrus Fruits quintessence weight-reducing characteristic: Refined from the Citrus plant, the Biological expert discovered it can accelerate the burnt fat, helps to relieve the digestive syste, also helps in metabolism and circulation.

Recommended Use:
Take a sachet with a little amount of water for best results in slimming. One sachet daily after breakfast.

 Features of Cell-Life Slimming Coffee:

Natural, safe and healthy, no side effects!
Rapid decomposition of fat, fat burning!
Can promote the role of cardiovascular circulation.
Drinking it often can make you beautiful, radiant and glamorous!
With antioxidant compounds that contribute to anti-cancer, anti-aging, and even the role of prevention of cardiovascular disease.

- Mix 1 pack with 6-8 ounces of hot water
- Drink coffee 30 minutes before breakfast
- Drink a lot of water for optimal results
- Exercise not necessary but recommended

- Pregnant women and lactating moms
- People with heart problems
- People with serious illnesses such as High Blood Pressure & Diabetes II
- Minors

Cell Life Slimming Coffee

Super Concentrated
Super Fast Slimming
No Rebound
Detoxifying, beautifying and whitening!

100% Natural Ingredients
DEcompose fat on Waist, Belly, Arm, Buttocks and Thigh.

10g x 10 sachets

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